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The Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association instituted a Beautification Award program in May of 2008 to recognize well-cared-for homes or significant home improvement in the community. The program's objectives are to reinforce the spirit of neighborhood pride, encourage all Edgewood Park residents to take care of their property, and to promote the neighborhood association.


Nominations should include the address of the residence, a brief paragraph describing the residence, and the nominator's name and address. Any photographs submitted are non-returnable and may be posted on the Association's website.

  • Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association members may nominate any properties within the Association's boundaries, including their own.
  • Awards may be given up to four times per year: January, April, July, and October.
  • Nominations should be submitted to the Beautification Committee chair by the first day of the award month.
  • Properties that do not win may be re-nominated for any following round.
  • A property that has been recognized with the award may not be considered again for two years.

The properties will be judged by the Beautification Committee based on appearance from the street.


  • preference given to recently improved properties, whether for sale or not
  • preference given to use of plants or ground cover that are drought tolerant, non-monocultured lawn, new tree plantings, use of a watering system that minimizes water waste, bee/bird-friendly plants, energy conservation mechanisms
  • no preference should be given to homes of higher value just on the basis of that value; rather, the award recognizes those who make the most of what they have to work with
  • additional considerations shall include:
    • free of debris and scattered property (tools, toys, etc.)
    • enhanced landscaping
    • well maintained buildings and yard
    • good color scheme of building
    • visible street number


  • The property will be disqualified if it is found to be held by a bank or other company; i.e. it is not being improved by a private individual as owner.
  • Properties in violation of building, municipal and/or zoning codes may be disqualified.
  • The property will be disqualified if it belongs to a Beautification Committee member.


The top 5 ranked nominees will receive a certificate of recognition and the top three ranked nominees will receive a yard sign that may be displayed for up to one month. Photos of the properties may be posted on the website with the permission of the owners.


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