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On April 21, the Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association met at the Larry Cox Senior Center, and it was a very fruitful meeting.  Four new members were welcomed, who all said they came because they saw our new signs around the neighborhood.  Carol Zimmerman asked to buy more signs, and it was approved.

We discussed renovating the Roseanne Wolf Picnic Area to be a more useful park, but more about that later.  We caught up with Carole Borges and her progress for Music in the Park.  She was discouraged about her initial plan for a patriotic concert on Flag Day, but several of the new members encouraged her with stories of concerts in their former home towns, and many people knew of musicians who would be happy to play in the park.  After much discussion, the group settled on Third Thursday concerts, a series to initially be through this summer.

Carole will be checking on all city and park requirements.  New member, Renee Dudley said she would contact her friends who would be happy to be the opening group.  Other new members, Michael Duerr and Julie Taylor will also be asking musician friends to be future acts.  I know we have many musicians in our neighborhood, and we would love to have them, too.  We will be looking for food trucks to participate, as well, as long as the city approves.

If you know of any local musicians who would like to perform, unplugged, at our Edgewood Park gazebo on the Third Thursday, please let us know!

Peter Pallesen caught us up to date on the Office of Neighborhoods grant application.  It turns out that new member, Michael Duerr makes vinyl signs for a hobby, and would be happy to give us a bid on the three new neighborhood signs.  Peter and Maggie Davidson met with Terell Parker, a volunteer from the Office of Neighborhoods to hammer out the details of the grant.  He was encouraging, but felt we would need more money.  He felt that he could persuade the board that we should have more.  Peter will be getting the estimates for the signs soon, and will be able to have a more concrete number.  Remember, this is a challenge grant, which means we will need to match labor hours for funds.  Be ready to dig some holes and paint some lumber!

The cookie was pecan-chocolate chip shortbread.  Be sure to get the first cookie next month,  May 19, 7:00 p.m., Larry Cox Senior Center.

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Input is being solicited now for ideas concerning the renovation of the Roseanne Wolf Picnic Area, at the corner of Shaw and Fairmount.  I spoke with Lori Goerlich, City of Knoxville's Greenways and Parks Coordinator, who said she just been at the park to see what could be done to improve it.  When I told her we had been discussing having it made over to honor Bernice Curtis, who passed away in April, she was very excited about helping.  

She wants our ideas on what the park could be used for, what activities we envision taking place there, and how to improve access to the park.  We discussed it at this month's meeting, and we all felt that a dog park or playground would not be a good use of the park, due to the creek running through it and the steep slopes.

What was agreed on was some kind of garden use.  Rose gardens, butterfly gardens, educational gardens and edible landscaping were all discussed.  I have asked leaders from  Fairmount-Emoriland Neighborhood Association, and proposed a joint meeting to figure out what direction would benefit us all.  When a date and time are selected, I will let you all know!

Maggie Davidson 

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Melissa went to the City's meeting about revitalization strategies for neighborhoods held at the Cansler YMCA on June 11. David Massey was the moderator for a panel representing neighborhood projects, contractors, and housing interest groups. Here is a brief summary of the main points.


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The beautiful brown and yellow Craftsman home on Broadway across from the entrance to Claiborne Place could be demolished to provide space for a new Walmart.  Here is the link to the WBIR story:  http://www.wbir.com/story/news/2015/04/06/future-of-noteworthy--north-knoxville-home-in-doubt/25384805/

This would greatly impact our neighborhood.  If you care about this house, and think your city council person and county commissioner need to know how you feel, please contact them immediately. 


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