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  On Tuesday, March 18th, Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association will welcome Jack Neely, Associate Editor of the Metro Pulse to talk to us about the history of the area of our neighborhood.  Mr. Neely has authored numerous articles, some of which have been compiled into books, on Knoxville's history.  He will follow our Police Liaison officer's update on our neighborhood's crime statistics for the month.

  After Mr. Neely speaks and entertains questions from the group, we will have an update on meetings Maggie Davidson and Ellen Zavisca have attended in the past two months concerning the North Broadway Corridor.  Maggie has also recently attended the luncheon for Keep Knoxville Beautiful and the Knoxville Neighborhood Conference, and will share what she has learned from those two events.

  We will also discuss at that time any concerns neighbors have concerning the neighborhood.  There have been some zoning concerns brought up lately, and that would be a perfect time for the group to discuss those issues.

  Next month, April 15th, 7 p.m., will be our next meeting.  Our guest speaker will be Faye Beck from the Knoxville Master Gardeners, who will discuss new plant varieties available for spring.  

  In May, we will finally be able to hear from Dana Wright of the Tennessee Urban Waterways, whose talk was preempted by a little snowfall in February.  We hope to include a member of the Adopt a Stream coalition to talk with Ms. Wright to see what's involved in keeping our stretch of First Creek clean.  Our neighboring associations have adopted their own stretches of First Creek, and it would be great for us to get involved, too.   

  We hope all interested in making Edgewood Park a better neighborhood will plan to attend our monthly meetings!  Thanks! 

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During the October meeting for the Edgewood Park Neighborhood Association, officers were nominated and elected for the coming year. President is Maggie Davidson; Will Doyle is Vice President; Carol Zimmerman remains in the office of Treasurer, and Melissa Brenneman will serve as Reporter/Corresponding Secretary. These officers will hold their positions for the next year.   

Revitalization Strategies for Neighborhoods PDF Print E-mail

Melissa went to the City's meeting about revitalization strategies for neighborhoods held at the Cansler YMCA on June 11. David Massey was the moderator for a panel representing neighborhood projects, contractors, and housing interest groups. Here is a brief summary of the main points.



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